Happy Monday!

This Monday was one full of work. I got up, drove Ryan to work, had breakfast, wrote for a few hours, did an insane yoga workout then wrote some more! After picking Ryan up from work we had cauliflower pizza for dinner, I highly suggest it for a healthy alternative to pizza, watched some Fringe (a must) and now after I’m done blogging its back to writing for me while Ryan works from home. Hopefully we’ll sneak in another Fringe episode before bed! 


My desk, where I spent the majority of my day. 

Exciting news! In yoga we do something called a chaturanga http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/469 basically a high to low pushup as part of the sun salutation flow. Normally I have to do the low part on my knees, it’s hard holding yourself a few inches above the mat like that! But today I did all of them (and power has a ton of chaturangas) without going on my knees! Super proud of that! 

While I was working hard at my yoga and writing Michael, the cat we’re babysitting, had a nice, relaxing day


And finally, our dinner… 


Delicious! And leftovers for lunch to spare! 

Hope your Monday was as good as mine 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Interested in hearing what is cauliflower pizza…recipe please?Cute cat…! Congrats on your yoga pushup! 🙂 Hoping Tuesday is as good as MOnday!:):)

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