One Pot Pasta

This afternoon right before leaving to pick Ryan up from work I came across this recipe for “One Pot Pasta” and thought it would be a great thing to make for him to have for lunch so when we were both home we decided to whip this up. 

It was super easy. All you do is…

Take 2 cups dry pasta (or more if your feeding more than two people)
Cut up some tomato, zucchini, mushroom, onion, red pepper, garlic. 
Grab some basil 
Put it all in a cool pot
Add two tablespoons olive oil
Pour in two cups stock (we used two cups water and a dissolved soup cube)



Put a lid on a bring to a boil. You cook it until the noodles are done and the water is pretty much soaked up, you have to let it sit on low for a while for that to happen, and you’ll be left with this 



It actually tastes really good for pasta and took up all of five minutes cook time. 


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