Weekend Fun!

Ryan and I had a great weekend! 

Started out with my getting bangs again on Friday afternoon as you guys saw



Photo courtesy of Ryan’s Instagram. 

Friday we stayed in and Fringe binged! It was awesome, we watched a few episodes of Fringe, had pizza and just enjoyed being together. 

Saturday I had yoga in the morning, as usual, and then went to get a pedicure with a friend 



I went for a deep, forest green, perfect fall colour! 

She also lent me a book called Black out by Gianluca Morozzi, we have been talking about the book since June when I first met her. She had read it in school and was on a quest to find a copy, she finally did and just lent it to me. Can’t wait to read it. 

After that Ryan and I did some shopping. I was in need of some new clothes and boots, my boots broke and there is no way I’m going to Montreal in December of all times in flats! We spent a few hours shopping, it was painful but we got through it (you know what I’m talking about mom!) and afterwards went home for a mish mash dinner of chicken, potato salad, samosas and ice cream paired with FRINGE! (Only three seasons and 57 episodes and 2394 minutes to go!) 

Today Ryan’s been having a bummy day and I’ve been going to yoga and writing but he managed to pull himself away from sports long enough to go grocery shopping. 

We’re really excited because we decided to make sushi this week! It should be fun! 

Ryan wanted eggnog (gross) 



We got a free Tupperware for salad, you put your dressing in a spot on the top and you can even clip your fork to the container 



And after being tea-less since friday I am finally able to enjoy a nice cuppa again Image



2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun!

  1. I love the photo of the two of you, and am very happy for both of you that the
    shopping is over and you both survived (congrats to Ryan!)

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