A Day in the Life not of Ivan Denisovich but of Sarah!

Get the reference? You should read the book.

Anyway, today I thought that for the blog I would take you guys through my day pretty much step by step. This morning Ryan and I left the house at 6:30 am so that he could be at work on time for a meeting and then I came home for breakfast before yoga. It’s been a super wet and rainy day today, who would have thought us being in Seattle that it would rain?


After breakfast I resumed work on NaNoWriMo. Week two is infamously difficult and let me tell you I’m feeling it! I’m a little ahead at 24,000 words instead of 20,004 but I like to take the weekends off so in reality I have a bit of catching up to do


This pretty much describes the ideology behind NaNoWriMo, get it all out there and then improve on it after, they don’t suggest word vomit but they do encourage not editing while writing, not over thinking etc just getting the first draft of your story out because in the end it is only a first draft and no one but you is going to see it


After writing for a bit it was time, once again, to head to yoga. I seriously love hot yoga but CANNOT WAIT to finally have a break of it!!


Six classes to go, let  me tell you next Tuesday if there is one thing I am not doing it’s yoga!

After class I came home, had lunch (delicious grilled cheese with ham and veggies!) and now I’m back at it writing away.


As Kingsely Aims said “The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of one’s pants to the seat of one’s chair” and that is by no means an easy task let me tell you! I love it but it’s so much harder than you would think if you’ve never tried to write a full length piece worthy of publication and public viewing.


So true.

After writing all afternoon I spoke to my mom for a while before going to pick Ryan up from work. Funny thing happened while speaking to my mom. A few days ago I was on reddit (http://www.reddit.com/ check it out) and I read about this novel called Annabel by Kathleen Winter. It’s a novel exploring gender and sexuality and is supposed to be phenomenal so I wrote it down in my agenda with plans to read it as soon as possible, along with Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Well, as it turns out when I was speaking to my mom she told me that she has a book for me to read and that she put it on my bed for when I get home. What’s it called? Annabel. I kid you not! My mom managed to be brilliant enough to put the exact book I wanted to read on my bed for me!

I’ve also been dying to read Middlesex. It reminds me of Middlemarch by George Elliot (Just because of the title, there is nothing similar in the content at all) which I adored (you guys get so many great book suggestions from me I hope you’ve been reading them!) It is also a book exploring gender and sexuality. So I went to Half Price Books and picked up a copy for 6$ and it looks like I picked up a brand new copy off the shelves at Chapters!


I’ll bring it home for you to read mom! (My mom has amazing and intelligent literary taste like I do and we both wanted to read this)

Afterwards Ryan and I came back home and I worked some more on my writing and on finishing The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevsky isn’t easy, he isn’t short but he is excellent. And then we had dinner. One Pot Pasta with leftover chicken, I don’t love the pasta so much as I love making it. It’s like magic!

After dinner we went to see Twelve Years a Slave which was excellent. A very moving, brilliantly done movie. Great way to end a busy day!


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