Tonight Ryan and I had Dan over and the three of us made sushi! 

We had salmon, tuna, mini shrimp, roe, cucumber, spicy mayo, avocado, tempora and ginger. 



It was a lot of fun and much easier than you would think! 

First we had to make sure we bought the proper rice, you need to make sure it’s sushi or Japanese rice, not American or anything else otherwise it won’t work properly. The rice took a while to prepare, you have to soak it for half an hour before cooking but it turned out perfect! 

Next you get a sushi mat and put a layer of saran wrap on top of it followed by a thin layer of rice leaving about an inch free at the top. 

After the rice you can put your toppings down longways.

Rolling the sushi is what can be a little difficult. You have to wet the part you left free of rice and do a kind of tuck and roll, making sure that the rice edges meet, squeeze down a bit to form the roll and let the seaweed seal itself closed (this happens due to the water you add)

Next slice and enjoy!



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