Habs and UFC

Today Ryan and I went to Greenwood, Seattle to go to a Canadian themed hockey bar called The Angry Beaver to watch the Habs play and afterwards we met up with Josh to watch a UFC game at a sports bar by his place downtown.


We got to Greenwood around 2:30 so spent an hour walking around the neighbourhood. It was great! We got a coffee and cookie at Diva Espresso


Everything was delicious and they are a beautiful little coffee place full of antique tables, art work and wonderful food!

Then we continued walking around, we found a great used book store, a space store (they literally only sold things space related, astronaut food, space erasers etc) The area is really artistic and unique, we even found this graffiti art


We went to the Angry Beaver for 3:30 since the game started at 4:00


I was super excited to be there since it’s such a novelty. The place got really busy and had a great atmosphere but the poutine wasn’t that great 😦


We started by splitting a poutine


While it was fun to have if you’re going to be all technical and super Quebecois this wasn’t a poutine. The fries had all the wrong spices (garlic and parsly), they weren’t the right kind of fries to begin with, there was way too much salt (I’m not even normally sensitive to that) and the gravy belonged on a roast beef not a poutine. But they got the cheese right which was nice.

Ryan enjoyed Canadian beer


And later on we had dinner. I got a hamburger, which was excellent, and Ryan had a French dip which was also pretty good.


After the Habs lost (again) we went downtown to meet Josh for the UFC fights. He was super excited to see it, so excited that he had waited for us at the bar for two hours instead of coming to the Angry Beaver! I’ve never seen UFC before tonight and have to say that while I wouldn’t watch it often it was a fun experience and got exciting at times. The bar was packed, they had the top half reserved for UFC and everyone was crowded there, cheering loudly and getting really into it.

All in all a great and sports filled day.


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