This morning Ryan and I went for brunch with Sydney and Dan at an amazing restaurant Dan told us about called Skillet. 

I haven’t been in such a hipster atmosphere since being in University English classes! 



We made our way to Capitol Hill (we carpooled) and Sydney went to put our names on a list, 40 minute wait!, while the rest of us parked the car 



On the way to the restaurant we saw what seemed to be a street side art gallery 


At Skillet while you wait you can go in and grab a cup of coffee to and take it outside until your name is called 


Once we got in we got coffee refills and I got a tea 


The water is served in Mason jars as was the grapefruit mimosa we all ordered


Dan also ordered the special drink but it was pretty terrible, no one drank it

I got a breakfast sandwich made of two pancakes, an egg, cheese and bacon with salad on the side and Sydney had the same thing


Ryan had the ultimate grilled cheese with a side of poutine


This time the poutine was delicious! I still wouldn’t say that it was a real poutine but it was really good anyway! 

Dan had a blue cheese burger with a poutine as well 



Perfect end to the weekend!




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