The Day Sarah Got a Tattoo ….

I know you’re probably shocked right now, I literally pass out while getting blood tests but today I got a tattoo! 



See? I’m shocked too. 

I had been wanting to do it for a while and today I finally got up the courage to do it! I went to this amazing place called Artful Dodger Tattoo and Comics

When I was looking for a place this one struck me as a lot more friendly, less intense and overall happier than some typical tattoo places. Also, they only do original art. The tattoo artists will not copy someone else’s tattoo for you or do “flash tattoos” (A stereotypical tattoo design printed or drawn on a cardboard poster for you to chose from) Not only that but for the past few years they have won the “Best of Washington” award.

I called and they told me to come in between one and two, so we made our way to Capitol Hill and waited


The place was really cool, not only did they have tattoo stuff but they also had shelves of comics and comic related things and a whole lot of Dr. Who stuff! I have a certain brother who would have loved it there.

Finally it came time to get tattooed! Ryan got to be both photog and the disposable hand aka he got to feel what my mom has gone through for years when I’m scared. His had was a bit damaged during the process.


I was so nervous but Ryan and the artist, Delany, were awesome.


Then we got home and I called my parents who once they believed me (Ryan and I kept laughing) were totally cool about it 🙂 




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