Thanksgiving American Style aka Friendsgiving

Yesterday Ryan and I celebrated American Thanksgiving for the first time, it was also a Friendsgiving since, well, we’re all friends who were away from their families doing Thanksgiving together and let me tell you it was a lot of fun! 


One important note about American Thanksgiving that Ryan and I did now know about but is apparently widespread here in the States. When you say you are having Thanksgiving dinner it’s not what you think it is. The event said it started at four, we could stop by for noon and hang out. So we came for one pm. We made our potatoes, pigs in a blanket and got the veggies together, had lunch and went over. Turns out we made a grave mistake in having lunch. Americans take their Thanksgiving very seriously and the plan is to eat dinner at four pm (Which by many people’s standards is late!) and eat all day before that and all day after. We had expected to come over, hang out a bit, have some appetizers around four and eat at six-ish. Nope that’s not how it works here! All I can say is I lucked out not liking or really eating my lunch! 

Here’s a look at what we brought 




Once we got there it was about five minutes before everyone was there so it was time to hand out Thanksgiving presents! Dan has been joking for months that on Thanksgiving Canadians have to give Americans presents so we went to the thrift store and found everyone joke gifts (along with the yummy baked goods!) 






Julianne got the teddy bear candy dish, Michael got the 2008 Cinco de Mayo shot glasses, Dan got the super American smore guy, Sydney got the bathroom picture, Robbie (Dan’s friend we just met) got the Target dog and Jamie got the Star Wars VHS box set. Everyone loved them and had a good laugh! 

After that we pretty much got down to eating. 


Those were the appetizers along with apple cider sangria, wine and beer. Julianne made a delicious pumpkin dip that you ate with graham crackers and tasted like a fluffy pie! It’s the orange stuff in the large bowl. 

Appetizers Menu: 

Pumpkin Dip 
bean dip
Veggies and dip
Peanut butter cups
Pigs in a blanket 

Michael made a 22 pound turkey! 






It was delicious and thoroughly impressive and we didn’t even get through half of it! Luckily that meant leftovers for everyone! 


Ryan and I had to bring our table and chairs and it worked out perfectly! 


Our Thanksgiving menu was… 
Stuffing, regular and sausage 
Cheesy carrots
Cucumber Salad
Cranberry Sauce 
Fruit Salad
Sweet and Regular mashed potatoes

and that’s not including the appetizers and desserts :O 

Then we took a few group shots, and of course had to include Josh (who couldn’t make it) in a few!


Dan took a nap … 


Then we tackled dessert! 

Dessert Menu: 

Homemade pumpkin pie (courtesy of Sydney) 
Pecan pie 
Peanut butter cup cookies 



We had such a fun night and it was the perfect way to spend time with everyone before going back home! 



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving American Style aka Friendsgiving

  1. First of all…FABULOUS PIC of the two of you. Your first Thanksgiving looks like you had an amazing time with your wonderful friends! ‘Sleeping’ usually follows turkey dinner….so Dan did the right thing!!..LOL! Your ‘friend’ gifts were so creative….good for the two of you! The potluck dinner…looked absolutely delish! So glad your first experience was a good one and that it is just a preface of future wonderful ones to come! xo

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