Canada Reads 2014 and my only non photo post

Thanks to my good friend Emma I found out about Canada Reads, not sure how I never heard of it before but it sounds like an awesome idea! 

Pretty much what happens is CBC asked Canada what book (by a Canadian author) has the power to change the country or even the world. People voted the suggestions down to a top 40 then a top 10 and now the panellists, there are five of them, have each chosen a book that they believe has the power to change the world.

The finalists are:

The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood and defended by Stephen Lewis
The Orenda by Joseph Boyden, defended by Wab Kinew
Half Blood Blues by Eis Edugyan, defended by Donovan Bailey
Cockroach by Rawi Hage, defended by Samantha Bee 
Annabel by Kathleen Winter, defended by Sarah Gadon 

I’ve read The Year of the Flood and would have to say it probably ranks in the top ten best books that I have ever read in my life. I seriously love the Maddaddam trilogy, admire and respect Atwood so much and can only hope to one day be a fraction as brilliant of a writer as she is. 

Never heard of The Orenda or Cockroach before but based on the fact that they’re in the top five with these other novels I have to assume that they are wonderful. 

I’ve heard great things about Half Blood Blues but have yet to read it. 

As for Annabel…funny thing about this novel. I was browsing reddit for book suggestions (r/booksuggestions) and came across Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and read and loved it, in the same thread that I found Middlesex I also found Annabel. I wrote it down as something I wanted to read and a few days later I was speaking to my mom and what had she done that day but put a copy of Annabel on my bed for me to read! Now that shows two things, one that my mom is awesome and has amazing taste in literature, two that I really have to read this book. 

March 3rd to 6th there will be debates over which book should win, they will be available online, on TV and on the radio. So you know what that means! You and I have until March 3rd to read these novels which are pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. I know I’ll be reading and I hope you will too! Not only is it important to read but we have to support and promote Canadian literature! 


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